Our team of spirits and wine experts and award-winning designers and architects work with the finest bars and hotels in London and the country’s top bartenders, trend-setters and drinks writers.

From one-on-one tastings and sourcing the finest rare glassware, to personal cocktail master classes and regular stock replenishment, our clients receive a personalised level of care that begins at the very first sip.





Our aim is to supply and cultivate the true indulgence and comprehension of the world's most exciting, boutique and vintage spirits, wines, champagnes and liqueurs.  

Our initial exclusive consultation includes insightful tasting experience to ensure the elements of your Bespoke Bar package is best suited to meet your personal requirements.

With each new tailored bar selection comes an informative description of distillation processes, flavour profile and serving recipes to maximise optimum enjoyment.

At The Bespoke Bar, we will advise you on the latest drink trends and new products, as well as sourcing valuable limited edition and rare bottles, helping you build a unique spirits and wine collection that will last a lifetime. 


Keeping Your Bar Running

In addition to providing carefully tailored packages, we understand the nature of high profile and professionally demanding lifestyles and adapt our services accordingly.

After the initial consultation and service delivery, we will maintain your home bar's inventory with regular upgrades, ensuring it is always at the cutting edge of the industry's hottest quality products and trends.

Every season will bring a new range of spirits, wines and liqueurs and cocktail recipes. From refreshing summer punches and springtime spritzers to autumnal old fashioneds and wintry hot buttered rums, we will show you how to make the perfect drink for all kinds of occasions, throughout the year.

Depending on how regularly you are using your bar, we will ensure that you are always well equipped to entertain at home, offering regular stock checks and replenishment and ensuring equipment and glassware is maintained and replaced.